About Us

Greetings from Yallak!

We are an online marketplace or, simply put, β€” the online version of your local market.

What does Yallak mean?
means PEOPLE.

Why? Because of all the adverts on Yallak belong to ordinary people β€” just like You! Here you can sell and buy like on the local market, but just much easier. No problem with meeting face to face, negotiating the price or have a little talk πŸ“·

We are totally against frustration.

Do you need cash to pay your bills? Or are you looking for an opportunity to earn money?
Then go ahead! Use Yallak!
Here you can convert your old stuff into cash, start your own business without an office, employees, or seed capital! Just log in and start earning money β€” millions of buyers are waiting for you.
It’s much easier than you think!

We exist to make anything possible.

Anyone feels good when things work out β€” admit it. Sometimes you realize that you have no influence, but since the moment Yallak appeared, everything became different. You’ve got opportunities here, and this is what you need.
Buy gifts, necessary stuff, make dreams come true without spending a ton of money. Just find the ad and have a dialogue with the seller. Yes, as easy as it sounds!

Don’t stress yourself

If you can do something well β€” tell us about this on Yallak.

If you can’t do something β€” search for the one who will assist. Here people are looking for people β€” those who know how to fix, build, or solve anything. They can do even more, for sure. Just click on “Search” and you will find all Emirates who are ready to offer their help.

You can do greater things

Happiness is not only about seeking. It is also about how to help someone else to find. Yallak is when you can receive even more while giving. Here you will feel real gratitude β€” something unimportant for you is a piece of joy for another. And vice versa.

Yallak β€” is the place where everything comes together.

We are about to change lives: simplify the things that seem to be difficult and show the opportunities where you don’t notice them.
Happiness is easy: just be decisive, energetic, believe in yourself, and that there is nothing impossible. Look beautiful, live comfortably, reach the heights, and take pleasure in little victories.
Everything is built from the details. Yallak is a place where you can make your happiness real. Make your life 1 or 1000000 times happier β€” up to you. We have no limits.

Happiness is in detail. Details are on Yallak.

Founded in 2020 by internet entrepreneurs Flavan Joy & Rajesh De Almeida, yallak.com is the trailblazer in Online Classified Marketplace in the United Arab Emirates. Over the last years, we have featured over 25,000 plus Advesrtisementd, saving thousands of Dirhams for our users. The site was started on social media and mobile to make the lives of Emarites easier.